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CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR TIMESHEET DEADLINES Please be aware that the deadlines over this period are as follows:- •W/E 20th December – deadline 12 Noon Friday 20th December •W/E 27th December – deadline 10am Monday 30th December Please ensure all timesheets and Limited/Umbrella Company invoices reach us by these deadlines. Please also ensure, if you use an online timesheet system, that your Manager approves your timesheet by these deadlines. We regret that any timesheets or invoices received after these deadline will result in a delay in payment, so we ask you to help us by ensuring you send them by the deadline. Thank you and have a lovely Christmas/New Year!
Champion Employment Ltd. Gender Pay Gap Report for pay periods including 5th April 2017 The Mean Gender Pay Gap 3% The Median Gender Pay Gap 1.2% The Mean Bonus Pay Gap -46.6% The Median Bonus Pay Gap -342.9% Proportion of Males Receiving Bonus Payments 4.6% Proportion of Females Receiving Bonus Payments 5% Proportion of Males and Females in each Quartile Pay Band Lower Quartile: Males 59.4% Females 40.6% Lower Middle Quartile: Males 60.2% Females 39.8% Upper Middle Quartile Males 54% Females 46% Upper Quartile Males 67.7% Females 32.3% These figures are calculated from the earnings of both our own staff, employed by Champion Employment Ltd and also temporary workers that we supply to clients under Contracts for Services. These temporary workers work in a wide variety of roles (from industrial and catering to senior accountancy and IT) across many industries. The Agency Workers Regulations require us to pay temporary workers an equivalent pay rate to an employed worker of the client organisation after 12 qualifying weeks have been worked. These figures reflect, in part the diversity of pay rates across this client base. I confirm that our data has been calculated according to the requirements of The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. William Hoodless Business Manager
Holiday Pay Explained: Your current holiday entitlement is stated on your payslips and details the amount of holiday you have accrued to date in your current leave year. Your statutory entitlement to leave is 5.6 weeks per annum. The entitled detailed above is the number of weeks or the proportion of weeks you have accrued to date in your current leave year e.g. .88 of a week means that you have accrued 4.4 days and .72 equates to 3.6 days. The amount of payment which you will receive in respect of periods of annual leave taken during the course of an Assignment will be calculated in accordance with and paid in proportion to the number of hours which you have worked on Assignment. Your leave year runs from the day you commenced work e.g. if you commenced work on the 2nd of February2014 your leave year will run out on the 2nd of February 2015. It is your responsibility to make sure that all paid annual leave is requested and taken within the Leave Year. Leave cannot be carried over to the next leave year.
Payroll opening hours Monday 9am - 12pm Tuesday Closed Wednesday 2pm - 5.30pm Thursday 9am - 5.30pm Friday 9am - 5.30pm
Paper Timesheets: The deadline for paper timesheets to be received by Champion is 10 a.m. on Mondays
Web timesheets: The deadline for Candidates to submit hours is 10 a.m. on Mondays. The deadline for them to be authorised by Managers is 11:45 on Mondays

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