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This website contains a powerful Search Engine which allows Candidates to search and apply for current Vacancies on our system. With the growing use of the Internet as a means of obtaining information, more and more Candidates are using Web Sites as means of finding suitable jobs. Our live system reflects only jobs which are current at the time of searching, which means that Candidates can have confidence that their applications are not being made to jobs which have already been filled. With this confidence, increasing numbers of these Candidates come to us as a result of their searches of our Website. We find that as a market leader in Recruitment in Oxfordshire, candidates see our website as a live portal to local jobs.

Clients can have confidence that any Vacancy which they agree should be advertised will appear on our Website almost immediately.

On Line Timesheets

Many Clients will view the ability to submit timesheet hours information on line as a time saver. Secure, password protected, access means that Clients can call up timesheets from the day after a booking starts to complete and view timesheet information.

On Line Recruitment

Some Clients will find that their recruitment requirements are sufficiently regular to warrant their being given the facility to control all their recruitment requirements on line. While all jobs are still dealt with by real Consultants, the ability to place jobs on line gives more flexibility to the recruitment process. We will give you a secure, password protected, login to your own area of the site where you will be able to access only your jobs.

Vendor Managed Services

Where Clients have agreements with us to deal with part or all of their staffing requirements, our On Line facility allows us to manage all supplies, including those of second tier suppliers, on the Client’s behalf. Placing jobs, dealing with timesheets and invoices will be integrated to ensure that the Client’s own administrative burden is reduced in the process. Consolidation of invoicing is proven to reduce administration and the cost to the Client of invoice processing is dramatically reduced.


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